I’d like to let you know about the music in me.... I feel very lucky that I've played and sang in piano bars, at some of the larger folk festivals, art galleries, country festivals, pubs, arts centres, care homes, band stands, on street corners and café terraces all over Europe.

My songs might well take you to new places and after the feeling that brings the creation of a song I want to recreate the atmosphere and spark of that moment…
I have a new album, The Missing Emotion recorded with my voice, my acoustic guitar and the double bass of James Budden, then layered with other instruments played by myself (with the notable exception of Steve Wickham on the fiddle).

Performing is like being on a journey – one that can find a lively rhythm - and there’s so much to share along the way… Sometimes I will caress those guitar strings delicately then other times throw that beat straight at you creating bass lines and layering lead phrases on the chord progressions.

My fiddle was handed down from my Grandma and I could well play you one or two of my compositions. I was inspired to take it busking all round Europe after reading Laurie Lee. I’ve explored music through many forms. Celtic melodies, blues, contemporary folk, country, rock, popular songs and traditional ballads can all be picked out of my repertoire and it’s usually my own interpretations. Expect the unexpected!

There are artists who, over the years, have played a big part in broadening my taste and who've filled the well whilst showing me other ways of performing.
To throw a few names into the frame I could mention the likes of The Beatles, The Waterboys, Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Dick Gaughan, Sandy Denny, Buffy Sainte Marie, Paul Brady, BB King, Victor Jara, Richard Thompson, Alisdair Fraser, Martin Simpson, Andy Irvine, Yvon Agbo, Jacques Brel, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Jethro Tull, Woody Guthrie, Billy Morrisson and the wonderful Irish fiddler Kevin Burke...