Monday 17th April
So, I've got this booking on Wednesday at Bury Songwriters Circle. It being a first for me being asked to do a performance entirely of my own songs, I am a bit excited! I can hear certain people saying this is not before time - those who think I ought to put my own songs to the fore... Could this be a redefining moment? They'll probably be talking about it for years to come - you know like Dylan in Manchester, The Stones at Altamont, that time Bob Marley got those two politicians to shake hands.....
    Hopefully I'll see you there xxx
Wednesday 1st February
I'm glad January's over with, February's a more sunlit month... I've put a couple of things on you tube recently including an accordion version of Jamaica Farewell and two fiddle tunes - Fine Tickling and Cider with Mary. I did the the tunes with my good friend Pete Begley though we didn't quite get though the second one and started laughing..
   Also some great news is that I played on Red Moon Joe's upcoming album - piano, accordion and fiddle - and will be performing solo and with them at their album launch at Chorley Little Theatre on 24th June. Can't wait!
   I leave you with the youtube links below.
    All the best
                  Jon xx


Fine Tickling/ Cider with Mary

Also, before Christmas, I made a video with Wigan band, my friends, Boomin. It's an interpretation of a Killswitch Engage song. I played fiddle...



Friday 27th January
It was a great night last night. I did support for Norman Beaker Band at The Old Courts and met some friends old and new. I was as blues as I could be and was warmly recieved. The band were phenominal in every department and I loved the guitar and saxophone... When I got home I had an email asking would I like to perform at Bury Songwriter's Circle as the main act! Awesome - the date is Weds 19th April if you want to see Jon Brindley the unmitigated songwriter...
    Hopefully catch up with you soon.
     Jon x

Monday 9th January

Thanks to all who turned up in Lymm and helped make a great night to kick off my 2017 gigs. I'm now recovering!
    Jon xx

Tuesday 3rd  January

Firstly I want to wish you all a great 2017! I hope to have good times with you over the coming year...
   Secondly I'm going to revitalise this website, I'll change the 'Diary' page to 'News' and I think there'll be a lot to tell you about. I don't personally have to the technology to do that myself but I'm sure my friend Dave will help me when I see him. Check out my gigs page and keep checking because they sneak in...
   I had a very busy time before Christmas entertaining in care homes - a really rewarding experience and I loved playing at The Malt and Hops (my local) on Boxing Day. It takes an effort to build up a head of steam after all those mince pies and a roast dinner but we got there. I want to thank everyone who keeps supporting my live music endeavors - something that is  special to share with you. Also, I'm on for more recording very soon, both solo and with T
he Avon Men and others, no doubt you'll hear all about it! Take care out there and I hope to catch up soon....
     Jon xx


Monday 7th February
Hello there and Happy Monday to you. That's a throwback from last Monday in Swinton, Salford... A most enjoyable evening where I was accompanied by my good friend Pete Begley. Which reminds me, there's something I've got to tell you....
    You may have noticed anyway but I've got a small band together - Jon Brindley and The Avon Men
. We did a gig at Piesse of Piddle in Worcetershie - a venue from which you could more or less piddle into the River Avon, hence the name. The selling of cosmetics etc., well that all came later. We are Jon Brindley, yes him, Pete Begley and James Budden. Pete is a fine guitarist and uke player and James is a brilliant double bass player. We'll be doing quite a few of my own songs and instrumentals as well as songs from all genres and walks of life and we aim to entertain. It all happened and came together before we managed to get any publicity together and our first night was a resounding success. We're back in Wyre PIddle in March. Meanwhile our first northern concert is at the Unity Club in Standish on 16th April. It'd be great to see you there and it'll be something different!
   In other news, I have a new fiddle which I'm looking forward to playing you a tune on.
   In other other news - it's getting lighter at night. That's a good thing.
       See you soon
            Jon xx

Thursday 7th January

Well here I am back, it's now 2016 and a happy new year to you. I hope you're well and keeping your head above water, so to speak - if not my heart goes out to you.
    It the busiest run up to Christmas I've ever had, topped by a hogmanay trip up to North West Scotland to see good old friends. And I went and left my fiddle up there!! I'm missing it I can tell you but I should get it back soon enough. Hopefully there'll be a few extra tunes in it when it arrives home....
    I'm going to get going but will catch you soon....
            Have a good one  xx


Thursday 12th February
Just sat in front of the fire having a bit of a warm. It's nice that a few gigs have materialised, including next Tuesday with The Underclouds in Soho. My good friend Janey Goulding sings with them and I'm so glad she's gracing us with her unique and beautiful singing... Also the Sunday after, I'm to be performing at Wigan Central - the town's latest drinking establishment - in the afternoon, and I've got a good feeling about that.
My friend Dave is going to have a bash at refurbishing my website. We'll have to remove a few of the biscuits as I am a bit diabetic, although we may get a few bottle tops of some interesting beers. Well, you only live once. Also, I going to have another do at learning how to use Dreamweaver after my previous aborted mission. I'm going to have another tutorial and it might not be so alien to me this time. After all, when I left school I thought I would never be able to or need to speak German, after not listening to a single word Mr Whittle said. Then when I became very friendly with a certain german female, it dawned on me that progres would not be made without further lingual knowledge. Now I can speak German like a native. Sorry? A native of Wigan that would be... So maybe Dreamweaver is a bit like the German language... I'm not sure why that would be but still...
Maybe it's time for me to go..
Auf wiederseihen.........

WAIT!! I haven't told you about my new accordion! I have gone and bought myself a very fine accordion, and I am in love. I've even written a new tune. It's called The New Accordion. I've not stopped playing it and it makes me terribly happy and...... I'm looking forward to playing you a tune on it.
That's it now, I've got it all off my chest. Check out the gigs and it'd be great to see you at one soon...
All the best meinen freundens
Jon xxx

Mon 12th January
Good morning to you. It's that long slog known as January isn't it. Well last Friday that was certainly not a problem at Carlisle Folk and Blues Club. It's such a great club and I get very well looked after. It was the greatest of pleasures performing there and I also loved listening to the other act on the night - Jinski. Really great thought provoking songs great harmonies and good fun. And I loved listening to the CD on the way home...
So January's not a problem in the slightest. I hope you have a great year and that 2015 is more sensible and less violent than it has been so far.
It would be great to catch up with you at some point...
Love and Peace to everybody xx


Sun 9th November
Hello there, it's been a very relaxed Sunday in Brindley Towers. It's the first time in ages we had enough room to get the dining table out and we had a lovely Sunday dinner. We're all so much more amicable after that. I've not quite been firing on all cylinders for a little while - it could be a hernia, they're still not quite sure the doctors. I'm a heck of a lot better than I was though I can assure you. I'm still getting stuck into the music though - with an amount of vigour. On a sad note I feel I must say something about my dear friend Maggie Boyle who unfortunately left us recently after a struggle with cancer. What a lovely lady - whose beautiful singing will always affect me. I miss her. My thoughts go out to her family and friends....
I'll be back soon
Take care
Jon x

Sun 22nd September
Hello there, today was a beautiful and splendid day at Arnside with my young daughter. As soon as I got out of the car there was relaxation. That's something you need sometimes. Also last night was a trip to a works do at Wrea Green. It was grand and nice to be appreciated. Afterwards I drove to Lytham and walked with my friend Simon down the jetty out into the Ribble estuary. Flat as a pancake - a great place to be in the dark... Didn't fancy a swim though.
Till soon

Weds 6th August
Hello folks,
Firstly I have to tell you that my IKEA gig has been cancelled. Devastating. I was all revved up for playing my full extent of Swedish tunes on accordion and singing songs about crayfish. I will get over this though, in the fullness of time...
Secondly I'd like to tell you about a thirdly that I currently have no time to divulge but that ought to be appearing soon.
I'll see you soon anyway hopefully.
Jon xx

Fri 25th July
Hello there people,
A couple of things you might want to know about. Firstly I did some extra work for Channel 4s The Mill playin accordion - with a wig on! I don't know which episodes it'll be on but it's on on Sunday's... It was a great experience. I came back to the makeup van after a long day and took my hat off to reveal my dishevelled wig. The girls had not seen anything that funny for weeks as far as I could tell and were taking photos... I've one or two myself which will be going on this site imminently. Secondly two recent additions to my dates are Charnock Richard Football Club Beer Festival this Saturday at 5pm and The Big Purple Festival at Tudor House in Wigan in aid of Kidney Research. That's on

Sun 4th October
Right I'm going to take the kids for a swim in a stream now. The best way to cool down...
See you soon
Jon x

Sunday 13th July
I'm still alive folks. Still alive. Love Jon xxx 5pm

Monday 7th April
Good Monday to you. I want to tell you about a big thing that's happened in my life recently. I went' to Bollington Folk Club on Friday night and as they had Colum Sand's latest album in the raffle I bought two tickets and concentrated hard on winning. Guess what.... I won the CD. Then I won the bottle of wine too! I was thankful that the locals didn't think I'd gone too far... Now, to me this is a good sign for Wigan Athletic in their endeavor to win the FA Cup for the second time. It can be done! And whilst on that subject I'd like to congratulate Chonkinfeckle on their video with Dave Whelan at the stadium - 'I'm from Wigan Me' makes me feel very proud and I like the new version (though not as much as the original).
Anyway my trip to Bollington was one of quite a few trips to folk clubs I've done recently and I've caught up with and shared moments with some acquaintances from many years back... and it's a particularly nice club, Bollington.
As for the website and updating etc., it hasn't gone to plan, yet, though not for want of trying - we'll get there.
See you soon

Monday 31st March
Good morning
The weekend was great and started with a spot at The Town Hall Mayors Gala which was a great night. Dave Spikey organised it and it was a true old fashioned variety night and there was plenty laughter, foot tapping and dancing in the end. Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic response, I'm made up about it.
Also last Wednesday I was down in Shrewsbury and did an extended spot at the folk club which was really nice - even though my stomach was playing up! It can't have gone too bad because I sold a couple of CDs... The drive home was wonderful. I went through Ellesmere and the charity shops provided me with some brilliant mugs for our house at a very small price - also the coffee shop did me the best jacket spud I've had in ages and their scones were of the finest quality. meanwhile the Bakewell I brought home for Mary was leavehomeworthy - unless you've got a chef like Mary living with you. Then a walk under the old viaduct and aquaduct in Chirk.
Yesterday I went with the family to Cockerham Sands and we cooked a nice dinner and did a bit of exploring. This is what life's all about.
Well I'm off shortly to sing at a carehome in Southport and I'm looking forward to it as they appreciate my efforts...
I'm going to grate some beetroot and carrots to have with sardines for my dinner. It's something I was shown in Belgium and is really good for you....
See you soon - enjoy the dry season

Sat 8th March
I must warn any biscuit lovers amongst you who have been enjoying the ones on my website that they'll mostly be removed soon. This is due to me having been told that I'm now borderline diabetic and the temptation that they put before me. They'll be gone as soon as I'm a bit more competant with website technology. The Prince on the front page will be staying with us though, due to its sheer class and bohemian nature. Or should I say it's Frenchness. Also the Brintendo on the contact page will be going too as I don't wish to encourage people off the straight and narrow into a life of arcade games and debauchery and mispent youth. It's shocking!
A bientot mes amis xx

Weds 5th March
I've something interesting to tell you about. Firstly though I must thank everyone for supporting my gigs recently in Chorley, Lymn, Frodsham and Llangollen. I enjoyed every one of them tonnes and lets do it all again soon.Now for the news. Ahem... I'm going to be on telly! It's for a couple of scenes in a new Channel 4 series of The Mill where I'll be playing accordion in seventeenth century attire and....... with a wig on! So you'll want to watch that won't you! Don't tell anyone though as I may never live it down, thanks.Right I've got to go - I'll let you know when it'll be on... See you soon x

Tues 4th March
I'm now able to update this website myself and I'm slowly learning about dreamweaver. So that explains everything, yes? See you soon xx


Thurs 3rd October
Hello there. I'm at the point again where I need to write a biog. It's a mind wrenching thing is a biog... Not to worry though, there's a lot of helpful tips on the internet. I think I'm better at getting on with my life than writing about it, but it sometimes has to be done and can bring clarity to where you are... I have to intellectually lock horns with this thaing. C'mon you bastard!
All the best - Jon

90 mins later - I've enlisted the help of one Mary Brindley. There will be no messing around!

Sunday 15th September
Well I'm up late working on a demo I'll be sending to the festivals and tonight is accordion night. I've recorded my latest tune 'Round the Nab' and old English folk song 'Fair Thee Well my Lovely Nancy' and at 2.45am I'm going to try one or two more cos the time is now. In fact you can say that next time someone asks you the time - the time is now - and you can tell them I said so if you like.
I enjoyed playing at Skipton Folk Club last Monday and being joined for a number or two by my friend Martin on the mandolin and whistle. our search for a curry afterwards took us to deepest Burnley and we weren't let down (at 12.30am) and we found satisfaction in not the healthiest food.
Right I'm going to get back to it. I'm f*****d if I'm going to miss the boat with those festivals this time.
Take care dear people and look out for my leaflets. I've gone commercial you see.
Lots of love - Jon

Monday 1st April
My last three outings have all been great. Firstly there was Darwen where once again I found the everybody's enthusiasm a great encouragement. Then I played in Ainsdale with Tony Gibbons and I took an accordion with me which I've been given recently by my friend Cathy. I love it and have been playing it loads. It worked out really well and we had a grand time at The Sands. Most recently I was at the Rose and Crown which was a proper lively Chorley town centre affair and I was well up for it. Thanks everyone for getting behind me.
All the best - Jon

Monday 25h March
Hello.... hello.... yes it's me I'm home. I got that pint of milk......
I've got a CD player for my car having not had music on the road for about six years, unless I made it myself. I had got sick of it as I couldn't listen to it simply. So now I've made a pledge to myself to not take it to pieces and I'm quite excited because there's a lot to listen to, including the full set of Chonkinfeckle album's that I've just acquired which is pure class. Also, I've just been knocked out by a Rory Gallagher album I was given ages ago and recently found again as I immediately misplaced it.
I did a really enjoyble gig tonight in Whittle le Woods which featured, for the first time ever, a Jon Brindley thumb solo. I'm so proud! Also the piano has increasingly become a feature...
Well I'm off to bed now but I'll catch you soon.


Tues 3rd July
I've just been eating some fromage frais with black strap molasses and I can assure you it is a very tasty dish. I've a busy time coming up and I've been busy a lot this last while, so as always check out where I'll be at and it'd be grand to see you somewhere....
Work has been done on the website and the fruits of this will be visible to one and all soon enough, also I was out for a photoshoot last Sunday which you'll also get to see....
I played at a Swedish Midsommer party in Bolton. I had the best homecooked battered squid ever tasted and after drinking an inebrious number of toasts to ... something or other I ran through my repertoire of Swedish fiddle tunes (about 5).(Well exactly 5 then).
Speaking of things Swedish, Ikea have booked me to play at their Crayfish Party, I'm delighted to be able to say. I met the Mayor of Warrington last time. In fact he asked me for my business card. So there. All right he hasn't booked me yet but the thought was there. It could happen yet, though if it's going to I hope he does it whilst still Mayor. So if you see him....
Right I best get off to bed now, but it's been nice talking to you...
Jon x

Thursday 7th June
I'm writing this with a program I've just downloaded called BlueGriffon, which seems to be the answer to a few problems. My friend Dave discovered it for me and it's free, so that's a good bit of news as I can do any updating myself and therefore it's much more likely to get done!
I've been having a great time gigging recently, not to mention the open mic last night which was brilliant! A while ago I was bitten by a horsefly - I presume - which made me very ill and semi paralysed my hand. I'm better now though. Little b*****d.
I'm looking forward to Coppull festival this weekend - my set is on Sunday night. It was wonderful last year. Hope to see you soon
all the best - Jon

Tuesday 27th March
Hello again after all this time. Well I think that the weather has finally pulled me out of my disblogspondancy! I’m back and I‘ve tones to tell you about. Unfortunately I can remember much of it … But this weather’s all right isn’t it? – oh and I went to Southport on my bicycle the other week. Completely buggered myself but I felt good for doing it. It’s that last hill back into Chorley that finishes you off.
I put my new album for sale as mp3s online last week – if that interests you. Obviously it’s nothing like as good as having a CD – a thing of beauty and buying one gives us a bit more space around the house! But it’s the 21st Century as most of us have realized. Amazon MP3s
Last weekend the Waterloo Beer Festival was much fun – thanks to all music guzzlers. Also way back in February the concert with Dan Wilde in Elloughton was a brilliant evening. Nice one Dan! And nice one Will!
Now I’ve got to go and pick up the lad from school but I promise I’ll be back very soon.
All the best
Jon x

Saturday 21st January
I just want to say a great big thanks to all who came to Carlisle Folk and Blues last night. It was very moving for me.
All the best - Jon

Sundy (no spelling mistake) 15th January
Happy Relatively New Year folks.
Now then. I hope you’re well and would like to tell you about this launch party for my album that I’m going to be having. I don’t know quite where or exactly when yet but I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about it and pretty soon will be putting things into place.
One other thing – Uncle Joe’s Sarsaparilla Drops. By Jimmenee they’re edible they are. Incr – edible!
‘Till soon – take care


Wednesday 28th December
***********Season’s greetings from Chorley*************
If you haven’t already check out my video ‘In the Snow’ finely crafted by myself using images off the internet and with a cameo appearance from Eddie the Eagle. Here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pxwHOPYZyA&context=C3f1b242ADOEgsToPDskI-EgXLc1RrdBKw2ffn8vTx
Speak to you soon
Jon x

Friday 16th December
The cds arrived today. I had to rush back from Wigan in the snow to make sure I was in. I didn’t overdo it though.Now there’s a good bit less room for manoevre in our front room. What a relief though, it’s amazing, and it sometimes seemed it might never happen. The world seems to be more and more troubled. Maybe we’re just a bit closer to the trouble. Just thought I’d voice that feeling… I’m turning the T.V. off. Go in peac

Saturday 26th November
Today is my Mum’s birthday. Her picture’s here on the mantelpiece at my Dad’s…. Happy birthday mum xx It’s wonderful to be amongt trees, or just to have them in view… autumn continues to say something to us right until the end. I went to Hindley to drop some posters off last night only to find I didn’t have them. Thinking about it, I’d better try and fix the heater in my car, I’ve been using one of those things you stick in the microwave and put behind you, kindly lent to me by my friend George, and it’s great but I’ve had cold knees…. I’ll doo that now then. Enjoy your weekend.

Monday somethingth of November
I’m listening to George Harisson at the moment on our new cd player which was kindly donated to us by our good friends Dave and Georgina. It’s great you just put it in and press play. Far more simple than what we’ve had to do to listen to music for the last good while. I can see this catching on! Anyway, the mastered disc of The Missing Emotion has now been sent to the duplicators and I’m hoping to have them back for Christmas. It’s dead easy making albums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! No problem. Anyway tomorrow is me at The Cedar Tav in Blackpool and hoping it should be a fine time. If you can make it I’d be glad to see you. Take care y’all
Jon xx

Tues 18th October
I’m working on updating my website at the moment. You might like to have a little look round…. Blackpool tonight. Oh yes. All the best -

Weds 12th October
Well I know it’s been quite a while since I posted on here but things have been falling into place recently as I’ve completed the mixing/recording for my album. I’m going to get it mastered in a fortnight and my friend Dave is now working on the design. The painting I’ll be using for the cover is by a certain Mary Jules Clark. Right I’m going to get me bath now…. with me ducks. Speak soon

Fri 12th August
I’m up late recording a mandolin part. No more instrumental parts to do after this and nearly all the final mixes done. It’s a tricky little devil though this is. It won’t be hurried… We went to Ribchester earlier in order to stand by the river. We couldn’t wander though as the little one was asleep in the car. It was worth the drive to feel the power… The water wasn’t in the mood to dilly dally. It was home made burgers with a nice tomato sauce for tea. She does some blinding food my Mary sometimes. Occasionally experiments have gone wrong but she’s an artist you see. It has to be lived. I hope the rioting has stopped now and doesn’t spark off again. So sad to see. I don’t subscribe to the idea that we should condemn it without looking at what’s caused the malaise... In my opinion it’s not just the rioters themselves who are totally to blame, though ultimately we must all be responsible for our own actions. I pray for peace. Hopefully I’ll see you soon – take care

Weds 29th Jun
It feels a great weight is slowly lifting from me as I get the final mixes done for this album. It’s been hard to go around for years knowing its not done… Eeeek. On the live front it was a great pleasure playing at Music on the Marr festival - just amazing! And I got acquainted with some fine people whilst there too… I find that there is a very healthy support for live music up in Cumbria. Anyroad it’s quite a bit on the late side and with this concert going on much later today I better hit the hay. “for she asked me for to tumble all in the new mown hay” Nighty night -
J x

Tues 14th June
Big thanks to everyone who was at Coppull for giving such a lift. I won’t forget that night…. I’ve got a really busy week which ends with the Music on the Marr festival near Brampton. That I’m well looking forward to as well… Things have been moving forward recently with the forthcoming album and there’s one or two final mixes been done. That’s pretty much all the songs need now – a final mix. It’s quite a time and it’s taking place with my friend Greg at his Dungeon Studio in Wigan. I’m still not pitting a date to it (I’m too experienced in making Jon Brindley cd’s for that) but it shouldn’t be long now… Hope to see you soon All the best

Sun 1st May
We were away for one night with friends in Wales. I’ve got to have my paddle…… The waves came forth trembling with urgency and a enlivening coolness. The smell of salt in my nostrils. The wind, so keen to give me it’s vitality. The boy jumping with trousers drenched while the futility of his efforts to stay dry was a pleasure to laugh at. And the time – not a concern but something truly great to have. Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend too
J x

Fri 18th March
I hope no-one went down to The Cedar expecting to see me last Tuesday – sorry if you did… It would have been no fun at all though. A bag of shite probably. However, I want to thank John, Matt and Ste for helping out on Weds and Thurs at the Bowling Green, I might have been a bit daunted without you. They were really wonderful nights and both totally different. Big thanks to all who got up, there were some really great performances and I’m sure I’ll remember both nights for a very long time. Special thanks to Clifton for making it even more special and being a sound for sore ears. The foot’s well on the road to recovery now and next month at the Cedar I’ll pull out all the stops to make up for it. So you’d better watch out! All the best -
Jon x

Tues 1st March
I ’m glad that Spring is stepping up. I was up the Nab today and the air was so beautiful. Like you could drink it. The moods of the seasons will always surprise. I did gigs in Ashton in Makerfield and Leyland this weekend gone. Never done pub gigs in either of those towns before – though they’re so close – and both went down a storm, I’m chuffed to say. Anyway this last while has the busiest I’ve been since….. I can remember. I don’t remember stuff like that though, I just love doing it and I’m relishing the upcoming challenges…
Jon x

Fri 14th January
Firstly, I’m glad to say the open mic has found another home – as of 2nd February – at the Bowling Green on Wigan Lane. Nancy has been as keen as mustard to have it there and it’s good to know that she’ll be getting behind it… and even singing some songs for us! And once more I want to say thanks to Phil for hosting, supporting and loving it before the brewery made his rent too high to stay. You’re a star you are Phil. Anyway, this week I thought I’d be nailing a recording but I just couldn’t get my head round it. I needed to change the arrangement around before I carried on - it didn’t quite work. Now I’ve sussed it and it’s on track. It threw me right out of kilter it did. Makes a fool of me sometimes…. Right so I’m getting back on with it now. All the best -

Weds 5th January
I forgot to pay my hosting account for this year so my website went off earlier today. I was worried I might loose all the pages and have to do them all again! Thankfully not but I might change one or two things anyway now I’ve had to think about it… Just a word about the open mic. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary break from doing it. I’m hopefull a new venue will be found soon or that the Cherries will reopen again and realize what a good idea it is for them to host the open mic. Obviously as soon as anything comes up I’ll be letting you know. I’ve met some of the very best people as a result of those nights and these friendships are even better than the music that got played. And that is saying something…. Friendship makes for great music. Watch this space
Jon xxx

Mon 3rd January
Hope you had great celebrations and wishing you all the best for 2011. May your light shine bright I’m off to bed – after just one more bash at the fiddle part I’m working on. Nearly there!