With Les Hilton and Midnight Johnny at Hunter's Lodge. Photo - Simon Miles.

It always tends to be a lively affair down at the Rose & Crown!

At The big Purple Festival at The Tudor House in Wigan, just before Russell and Frances called it a day...

After being on set for The Mill.

Silantro's, St. Anne's

The Royal George, Soho.

Pigtown Fling - Rab, Stephen and Chris - came down to Chorley and we did a outdoor gig at The Swan with two Knecks. People had never seen owt like it...

Occasionally I get handed sketches people have made while I perform and this is one of me by Keiron Rush which I got off the internet.

Doing a demo for the album the Missing Emotion with the truly incredible and beautiful singer Alexandra Lowe.

At the Swan with Two Knecks. Photo by Rob Gregson.

Dogfest was packed in 2013... and the weather was very Spanish.

A tune with Colin Blakey - a special musician.

At Silantros in St Annes with Heath Lavery.

My friends the TC Allstar came down to my jam night in Wigan one time...

The singing of this beautiful lady, Mary, affects me deeply. Mary Brindley's the full name...

Mel + Bren used to have the best partys in Blackpool. That's me with Dan Wilde, John o' Grady and Mary.

Mellow Yellow Festival 2010 - That's me and Raymond Lee Meadows at the far end of Blackpool North Pier...

A fleeting Natural Cord Brothers reunion with Pete Begley at the Missing Emotion album launch in Standish. We used to wear cords you see. Tony Blundell's there too, at the back.

IIME Bar - The Chosen Few.

I did one or two gigs with Spiral Scouts and here we are at Alchemy festival, Lincolnshire.

Coppull Folk Festival.

In Stanley Park bandstand, Blackpool. You can't beat playing out...

On the main stage at Methusala. I also did a particularly memorable gig the previous night in the barn.

This was the night I met the very fine singer/songwriter Bill Orrick and we performed in front of about five in a large Blackpool venue! He did a spot at my album launch a few months later which was far more populated.

Mary and I stayed with our friends Gino + Claudine in Belgium and discovered how great Belgian beer is. There was no going back after that night...

Photo by Steve Watkins.

With an old friend, Craig. This was in celebration of the life of (Psycadelic) Sid Kavanagh.

Les Hilton has been my friend for a very long time but I never saw Chonkinfeckle coming. I was on the bill with them at Haigh Hall, Wigan. I'm proud to be from Wigan, me.

With Pete Begley on Brinscall Moor.